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  • Contribute to the goal of a more sustainable events industry

  • Have sustainable products, operations or services 

  • Show a commitment to sustainability through a policy, value or objective 

  • Ideally, hold an applicable certification or standard

Ideally we are aiming for circular initiatives with appropriate accreditations. However, we appreciate that we are only just starting on this journey as an industry and all suppliers who are making a concerted effort to contribute to a more sustainable industry will be considered. The list of considerations include, but are not limited to; holding a sustainable policy which has provable actions against it, opting for renewable energy sources,, using recycled/recyclable/repurposed/reusable/biodegradable/sustainable/compostable (if facilities allow) materials, contributing and supporting charitable initiatives in the community and for the environment, accredited organisations, evidenced waste reduction, relevant awarded companies and schemes. 

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