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Power Logistics is a global leader in the provision of temporary event power and lighting. We recognise by its very nature that the provision of temporary power has an impact on the environment and made a conscious decision to become as energy efficient as possible and moving it to the forefront of everything that we do. We are continually investigating new and alternative methods to make the events we support and the day to day activities of our company as carbon efficient as possible. Sustainable solutions and reducing our impact on the environment are key to ensuring our business is both efficient and cost effective for our clients. 

Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in every employee, subcontractor and supplier. We take all practical steps to reducing our environmental impact, this includes but is not limited to reducing transport costs; managing fuel usage; utilising LED technology wherever possible; devising power management solutions that reduce fuels bills and save energy and working closely and carefully with our supply partners to ensure minimal delivery journeys and maximum vehicle utilisation. In 2019 we issued all Power Logistics staff and crew with reusable water bottles and banned single use plastics from all our sites. We also manage the day to day activity of the business to minimise our carbon footprint/ This includes choosing suppliers carefully based on transport and logistics plans and fuel consumption; harvesting rainwater to run our pressure washers using an inventive new design from our team of engineers; using biodegradable detergents; reducing our mains water usage by changing to on demand urinal flushing systems and the use of motion sensor lighting reducing unnecessary use of energy. With regards to the service we deliver to our clients, the first step in devising an delivering the most sustainably powered event possible is without doubt information. 

Typically, the client will approach us with a list of items that require power for their event, whether it be a production office, concert stage or food concessions. Historically there has been a tendency to specify the required temporary power generation based upon connector size of this equipment. We, as a company, challenge that and will always request further detail to establish what the actual power draw is and not just the size of the plug. To support this, particularly with repeat events, the development of our bespoke power monitoring assists us, as a supplier, and our clients in making more informed decisions year on year. Alternatives to using any temporary generation also should be questioned, for example does the site / venue have existing power that can be utilised negating the need for generators? Can we use Hybrid generator sets or battery packs rather than diesel generators? Is an alternative fuel such as HVO, Hydrogen, LPG or solar a viable option. Once onsite at an event, we actively monitor, utilising our bespoke power monitoring system, the performance of each power zone and will make adjustments to improve running efficiency. Post event, we will produce extensive reports, including energy performance charts, that allow us to re-evaluate the solutions we're delivering year on year and continue to make environmental and commercial savings.

Green credentials

Sustainable solutions and reducing our impact on the environment are key to ensuring our business is both efficient and cost effective for our clients.

Our sustainable initiatives:

• Using alternative, environmentally friendly fuel in ordinary generator sets

• Innovative load demand system that has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and costs

• Significant investment in LED towerlights and other LED lighting solutions

• Solar powered fuel bowsers developed in-house

• Investment in remote telemetry equipment for longer hire projects

• Unrivalled commitment and delivery of power monitoring

• Results have allowed us to:

   - reduce the number of generators required

   - plan improvements to site power running

   - deliver fuel efficiencies – we’ve seen fuel bills drop by an average of    

      20% as a result

   - Create accurate and detailed reports on fuel consumption and 

     carbon emissions  

Trialling battery technology for a range of applications:

• Second stage, shower and Bunkabin area at British Summer Time 2019

• Nucleus stage, crew camping field, catering, production and ELT from 300kwh batteries at Boomtown Festival 2019

• Onsite at Power Logistics’ premises where key industry stakeholders were invited to come and see the technology for themselves

• Fairground ride at Winter Wonderland 2019

Further investment in research and development for sustainable power solutions will continue in 2020.

Key features
  • Renewable energy

  • Sustainable

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