Eventism is committed to delivering brilliant events that are sustainable. This means creating unforgettable experiences with minimal negative impact on the environment, whilst putting something back into the local society and economy. The way in which we encourage clients to approach this is to use the kaizen philosophy: the process of continuous improvement. If we all commit to taking small steps, as a collective we can make a huge difference.

The events that we design and deliver are underpinned by our clients business goals and wherever possible we measure success against those goals. We believe passionately that delegates should have an amazing, personal experience and we actively look to create ‘Wow Moments’ for them as this is has a massive impact on driving engagement and loyalty. By really understanding our client’s objectives and who our delegates are during a meticulous planning phase we can design experiences that work on a strategic, professional and personal level.

Green credentials
  1. Founder holds a certification for The Age of Sustainable Development (Colombia University) 2014 - Passed with Distinction

  2. Eventism Sustainable Event Policy - All our events are underpinned by a comprehensive policy outlining our the key issues relating to sustainability in the events industry, our Principles and our Targets (all of which are SMART).

  3. Eventism Sustainability Policy - Our policy document outlining our commitment to operating as a sustainable business. This includes our approach to protecting the environment (through using renewable energy, recycling, minimising food waste and land fill, natural cleaning products, organic sustainable clothing, carbon offsetting, supply chain management etc) and being a force for good economically and within society in the locations we work.

  4. Founder is applying for their Sustainable Practioner accreditation with the Sustainable Event Alliance

  5. 2010-18 - (Pre Eventism) Responsible for organising company sales conference for up to 300 people. Every year we had a fundraiser evening for our company charity INTO Giving https://www.into-giving.com/


Key features
  • Biodegradable

  • Circular

  • Compostable (at home)

  • Compostable (commercially)

  • Recyclable

  • Recycled

  • Recycling

  • Renewable energy

  • Reusable

  • Sustainable

  • Zero waste

Tunbridge Wells


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