CCT Venues

CCT Venues is one of London’s leading conference, meetings and training venue specialists, with four modern venues in easy-to-reach locations in Central London and Canary Wharf. We’re an independent business offering great London conference rooms, training rooms and meeting rooms for a variety of business events. Our high-quality bespoke training and London event spaces have all the facilities you need, while our in-house catering team provides delicious meals and refreshments. But above all, we’re known for our excellent service. Whenever you visit us, you’re sure of a warm welcome and we’ll work with you to make your conference or training event a success.

Green credentials

 1. Promoting sound environmental management policies and practices throughout CCT Venues;

2. Ensuring that team members are adequately trained;

3. Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation;

4. Ensuring we are efficient and environmentally responsible in our use of energy and water;

5. Consistently monitoring waste production to reduce our waste production and reuse/recycle wherever possible;

6. Maintaining our venues in an environmentally friendly way;

7. Carrying out regular environmental audits of all of our venues and business practices and implementing changes where necessary/possible;

8. Committing to a sustainable purchasing policy that gives preference to environmentally friendly suppliers and products;

9. Reviewing and if necessary, revising this statement and policy on a regular basis.

Awards and accreditations

•  Platinum IACC Green Star accreditation 2019– one of only 3 venues in the UK to have achieved this international award for environmental best practice in the meetings industry.

•  Recognised in the Clean City Awards (presented by City of London) almost every year since 2008. Winning one Merit, two Gold and  seven Platinum accolades – plus the sought-after Chairman’s Cup in 2016

•  First Mile Recycling Standard Gold Award 2018 for one of our City venues

•   Received three industry leading accreditations for our rigorous safety measures to mitigate Covid-19 

Examples of specific actions:

 • Use electronic signatures where possible, to avoid wasting paper. In January 2020, electronic signs were introduced at CCT Venues - Smithfield.

• A ‘switch off policy’ for all electronics, lights and equipment. Computers across the business automatically shut down if accidentally left on standby in the evenings.

• Biodegradable products in our food services area rather than items that would go into landfill.

• Recycle bins freely available in all areas.

• Electronic registration rather than paper.

• Previewing documents instead of printing. Printed materials have been removed from management meetings in 2019.

• New policies in 2020 to reduce use of note pads, pens and flip charts in venues, through the increased provision of whiteboards and less easy access to doodle pads.

• Food wastage targets are even more stringent, with 2020 targets set to achieve our lowest ever waste.

• Bio-degradable pens are being rolled out across the business, replacing single use plastic.

• We have also removed all forms of single-use plastic from our venues,

• Disposable cups have been removed from the business.

• 2020 has also seen the introduction of recycling of all coffee waste in Canary Wharf.


Key features
  • Recyclable

  • Recycled

  • Recycling

  • Reusable

  • Sustainable

  • Zero waste

4 locations Docklands , Canary Wharf, Barbican and Smithfield


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