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An Olympic inspired sustainble legacy

Guest blog: Big Friendly Graphics tell the story of how they were inspired to become a more sustainable supplier

How it all started..

Standing in the Olympic Park, before the opening ceremony, my team had just placed the final print into the Prestige Pavilion, I was feeling an overwhelming sense of pride. Standing to face my camera for a final selfie in front of the Olympic rings gave me an immense feeling of achievement, I have not forgotten... Oh, the buzz of 2012! Phone and image are long lost...but the legacy of sustainability instilled in the event is not.

Oh my, how hard I had worked, overseeing a large production and install team, sourcing the non-PVC materials, ensuring that the substrates all got signed off and the paperwork added to show its credentials and where it would go after the show was finished. You see sustainability was a key consideration of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, it was going to herald a new era across the UK and the world.

The legacy of this time and that event has worked and continued in many areas, this includes the printing industry and behind the scenes, the whole industry has worked tirelessly with suppliers and materials to ensure this legacy has expanded and it's amazing just how far we have come.

The impact

The unique Olympic experience gave me and many others, vital insight into the world of everything sustainable. During this period I increased and enhanced my supplier and recycling partnerships and this has continued to this day. This now drives how we work with suppliers and clients and what we offer uniquely as a business moving forward into a more enlightened future.

Since that time we have grown strong partnerships with our suppliers, recycle companies and charities, to ensure a loop of sustainability that's solid and that can be itself sustainable. We also now have incredible new partners such as Event Cycle who offer unique services and excellent additions to the event industry and beyond.

It would be amazing to see all these avenues used more frequently so that moving forward we can repurpose what would have been end-of-life materials and items and create fantastic new opportunities, marketing stories and give new life to what might have been landfill

So I want 2021 (that's 2012 last two numbers swapped) to be a year where my clients challenge me to show them how we can use new and old favourite eco-friendly materials to create 3D stands (Xanita and re-board), how they can recycle their stands and who offers the best recycling or repurposing.

Ask us about how we can work with you on your next project

We can show you how we can offer design to print support, technical advice, logistics and shipping. And at the end of your event, we can offer recycling bins on-site, we can connect with our community charities and recycling/repurposing partners to ensure that we provide workable and financially viable recycling options for you and your client for end-to-end seamless project support.

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