Our story

Organizing sustainable events is harder than it needs to be. With limited resources, inspiration and information it’s an uphill struggle all the way,  even with a healthy budget.

After fumbling our way through an enormous conference doing what we could with some small successes, we decided that there must be a way to make this easier and inspire a push for a more sustainable industry. And so Circular Event Experience was born. 

We’ve searched through endless suppliers, looked at all the accreditations and found innovation in other industries to put together a one-stop-shop for event practitioners to plan with purpose. We want to help event professionals choose partners that have embraced sustainability as a way of thinking and ideally, a circular economy as a concept in practice.

Circular Event Experience was born out of love for the planet and passion for the events industry and we will always keep this at the core. The ultimate aim is to see an industry which beautifully balances profit and purpose. We don’t have a perfect solution but it’s a start and sometimes starting is the hardest thing.

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Supplier code of conduct
  • Contribute to the goal of a more sustainable events industry

  • Have sustainable products, operations or services 

  • Show a commitment to sustainability through a policy, value or objective 

  • Ideally, hold an applicable certification or standard

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